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Shekhar Tripathi’s car gets slammed by an SUV while it is parked in front of his apartment building. He is informed that the car is no longer driveable. He is already in grief, not having recovered from his wife’s death three months ago. At the same time, his business – Westland Tourism, is dwindling rapidly.

He feels lonely. How could someone take all important things away from him so easily?

The next morning, he is forced to take a taxi for the first time in five years. The driver tells him a horrific story, which convinces Shekhar that not all of his life is done. After this journey, Shekhar is convinced to take another taxi ride. Accompanied by taxi drivers, Shekhar begins his quest for survival.

In today’s age, taxi drivers across the world face a lot of criticism because of a few bad actors. Through the book, Hemant wants to spread empathy for taxi drivers. He wants people to realize their value in this world. Around the world, taxi drivers move cities.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart, and Notionpress.

You can read more about why Hemant writes about drivers here.