Why write about taxi drivers?

“What do you want to be in life?”

Almost all of us have been hammered with this question growing up.

My answer, for the initial 5-6 years of life, used to be “Vikram Tempo Driver.” For those who are unfamiliar with them, Vikram Tempos used to be a common public transport system in the nineties in Lucknow.

While life had different plans for me, my fascination with drivers never went down. I firmly believe that drivers have the most interesting and inspiring stories in the world. Drivers don’t just drive vehicles; they help people travel.

For most people, travel brings new opportunities that change their lives.

The Advisory Board is my tribute to this wonderful tribe – drivers.

If you’ve been in a situation when you needed advice but did not have anyone, next time, think about jumping in a taxi. This helped Shekhar Tripathi regain his life, it might help you as well!

Buy the book here.

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