5 trends that help us predict India’s next decade

Over the past decade, India has seen an explosion in data usage, with almost 300 million rural internet users coming online. Google is dedicating an entire program, called The Next Billion, to an audience who is coming to the Internet for the first time. Several web companies are thriving and showing double-digit growth, all thanks … Continue reading 5 trends that help us predict India’s next decade

Effective transit planning requires high density

Spread out cities don’t work well for effective transit planning. High density is a necessity for effective transit planning in a growing city. It is, in fact, one of the biggest reasons why big cities like New York, London, Singapore, and Tokyo continue to function so efficiently. When you visit one of these for the … Continue reading Effective transit planning requires high density

Why write about taxi drivers?

“What do you want to be in life?” Almost all of us have been hammered with this question growing up. My answer, for the initial 5-6 years of life, used to be “Vikram Tempo Driver.” For those who are unfamiliar with them, Vikram Tempos used to be a common public transport system in the nineties … Continue reading Why write about taxi drivers?

Education is free! You pay for credentials.

Before we get started with the post, I have a request to make. If you like reading this essay, please share it with your friends. Also, a quick announcement - my second book, The Advisory Board, will be out this December! If you ask people to subscribe to my email list, I will give them an exclusive look … Continue reading Education is free! You pay for credentials.

Privacy Concerns around WhatsApp

“WhatsApp is the root cause of all this fake news!” “WhatsApp is the reason why we’re seeing all this happen!” “People spend entire days just messaging on WhatsApp!” I’m sure all of you have heard these from time to time. With the severe impact WhatsApp has on our lives, it is obvious that it would … Continue reading Privacy Concerns around WhatsApp