The growth of WhatsApp in India

In recent times, WhatsApp is gaining a lot of negative publicity because of the fake news that is spread through it. The overall narrative from government agencies is trying to vilify WhatsApp and Facebook to take action against the perpetrators of fake news. They are complaining that the company is not doing enough to curb … Continue reading The growth of WhatsApp in India

5 new Youtube-related jobs 👀

Following up on my last post about the ‘YouTube’ revolution, today I want to look at the jobs that have sprung up with the growth of YouTube. When I say jobs related to YouTube, I am not talking about working at YouTube, the company, or running your channel. I’m talking about all the auxiliary support … Continue reading 5 new Youtube-related jobs 👀

A weekly newsletter about ‘change’

For a long time now, I have been wondering about topics that I can write essays about on a periodic basis. As a fiction writer, I've been publishing short stories on a periodic basis. But I never wrote articles periodically. To me, writing fiction has always seemed easier than writing non-fiction. Of course, most of … Continue reading A weekly newsletter about ‘change’